Digital Assets Exchange


BTSE’s digital asset exchange solution is designed to meet the specific needs and preferences of our users, and can be customized to meet the unique requirements of different regions. Our goal is to provide a smooth and seamless experience for our users. We are fast, cost-efficient, and hassle-free way. Our service can be ready to go under 1 month.

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white label exchange software

The Backbone Technology for Exchanges Worldwide

BTSE is the largest global end-to-end-solution provider. Feature rich to complement your assets.

Access Exchange Liquidity Services

Liquidity providers sourced from the largest exchanges and industry leaders

Full Treasury and Custody Solution

Full banking, treasury and custody of digital assets

Trading Bot

Automated trading strategies that are highly configurable

Future Trading

Support multi-asset margin and settlement.

Processing over 1 Million TPS

Ability to process in excess of 1 million order requests per second, end-to-end per market.

Fiat on/off Ramps

Fiat on/off ramps, OTC desk, and settlement options.

Customized Earn Products

Fixed and flexible term deposits

Spot Trading

Combines buy and sell orders for all trading pairs of each main market in one order book.

secured exchange platform

Security and data privacy are our top priority

A white label exchange solution, designed and built by an exchange for exchanges

Cold Storage and Multi-Signature Technologies

Multi-factor Authentication

24/7 DDos Protection

Use Cases

Build your own customized exchange

Advance a business product line

Expedite your market entrance

Free up internal resources

Scale to accommodate local or global growth

Our Advantages

Pioneers in Fintech Solutions


Supports high-frequency trading, eliminating system overloads. Avoids reliance on third-party technology. Self-hosted servers.


24/7 DDoS protection and state-of-the-art firewalls to safeguard assets.


Operational support along with first class legal risk and compliance support.


Proven track record of providing high quality and secure white label solutions.


  • We enable customers to set up digital asset exchanges for spot and futures trading, as well as provide payment API and wallet solutions.
  • We offer over 100 digital currencies for trading across 20+ protocols, 100x leverage for futures trading, and support for over 20 different languages, among other features.
  • Cost-competitive
  • Highly customizable features
  • Direct liquidity sourced from BTSE’s global network
  • Turnkey solution
  • Robust infrastructure built in house
  • Strong customer service

We offer bespoke solutions for market making, multiple fiat-to-digital currencies onramps, and margin line. We excel in business process outsourcing, so that you can run an exchange with minimal in-house headcount.

We work with over 20 exchanges worldwide.

Yes, we offer impactful performance and security through a  fully self-hosted infrastructure.

Plug-and-play solutions can be integrated in hours, while other solutions can be deployed in 3 weeks.

Our state-of-the-art infrastructure ensures that your exchange will be able to process over one million transactions per second.

We offer desktop and mobile optimized websites and mobile apps available in both iOS and Android environments.

For traders, it enables better pricing and deeper liquidity by combining buy and sell orders for all trading pairs of each main market in one order book.

Yes, we work with several partners who can open accounts for our clients. Most of them are in the EU, but we also plan to work with some in the U.S.

We are willing to work with other service providers. We can also introduce you to other partners within our global network.


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